Occupational Health and Safety Policy

​As Akbank, we established our Occupational Health and Safety Policy a long time ago in line with the principles of observing social benefits and respecting the right to a healthy and safe life for individuals.

Within the scope of this policy, we consider the creation and protection of a safe and healthy working environment as a continuous obligation and an indispensable part of our activities and with this approach we aim;

  • To take precautions in all working environments against the negative effects of factors that threaten occupational safety and human health,
  • To cooperate with customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, neighbors and organizations that protect public interests, to listen to them and to respond to their demands, to carry forward and continuously improve performance by protecting health and safety,
  • To raise awareness of all employees, customers and suppliers on health and safety issues, to raise their awareness, to support them with training,
  • To fulfill and supervise the requirements of international standards and legal regulations in all workplaces,
  • To constantly review the whole system, with the thought of continuity and improvement of the occupational health and safety system.