Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We are a large and well-established family, and we care each member of ours. This outlook enables us to see occupational health and safety in a wider perspective. In parallel with our values, we adhere to the social benefit and respect the right of individuals to pursue a safe and healthy life. We have established our Occupational Health and Safety Policy with these principles in mind.

We consider establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment as the fundamental part of our responsibilities and operations. In line with our human-centered approach, we aim:

  • to take measures against negative factors threatening occupational health and safety in all work environments;
  • to cooperate with all Akbank employees and customers as well as suppliers, competitors, neighbors and public organizations; to hear them out and to meet their demands; to constantly improve their performance by protecting their health and safety;
  • to raise awareness among all Akbank employees, customers, and suppliers about health and safety issues and to give them training,
  • to comply with international standards and legal regulations in all workplaces and audit all relevant requirements;
  • to meet all legal requirements to enable safe working environments in all work models, including in-office, remote, hybrid, mobile, etc.;
  • to take optimal precautions to ensure a safe working environment protecting physical, psychological, and social well-being of employees with special needs;
  • to regularly check up on the entire occupational health and safety system with continuity and improvement in mind.