What are the mission and vision of the Bank?

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What is the Ownership Structure of Akbank?

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What is the structure of Akbank’s issued share capital?

The issued capital of the Bank is TRY 4,000,000,000 divided into 400,000,000,000 registered shares each with a nominal value of 1 Kurus.​
Does Akbank pay dividends?

Yes Akbank pays out cash dividend and bonus shares. Akbank is one of the first companies in Turkey establishing and announcing its dividend policy on July 2003. Accordingly; ​Akbank distribute to its shareholders in cash or stock dividend up to 40% of ​the Bank's distributable profit, barring any adverse economic circumstances domestically and/o​​r globally and the sustenance of a targeted level of capital adequacy ratio.​

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What is an ADR , ADS?

​An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a physical certificate evidencing ownership of American Depositary Shares (ADSs). The term is often used to refer to the ADSs themselves. An American Depositary Share (ADS) is a U.S. dollar denominated form of equity ownership in a non-U.S. company. It represents the foreign shares of the company held on deposit by a custodian bank in the company's home country and carries the corporate and economic rights of the foreign shares, subject to the terms specified on the ADR certificate. The terms ADR and ADS are often used interchangeably.​

When is Akbank’s Annual General Meeting?

Akbank's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held towards the end of March each year. Please check our "News" section on our web site to see if the date of the next AGM has been formally announced.​
When do you disclose information? Does the Bank announce its Disclosure calendar?

Yes, Akbank announces its Financial / IR Calender on Investor Relations page.

For more detailed information, please visit our ​Financial / IR Calender​ page

Does the Bank have annual reports online?

Yes, the Bank's web site has annual reports dating from 2000.

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What are the ratings of Akbank?

​For updated information on ratings and rating reports, please visit our Ratings page.

In my credit card statement there are transactions that I want to dispute. What should I do?

Please fill in the attached form and fax it to (262) 686 96 96.

In order to reach the Dispute Form please click.