General Security Announcements

Together with the increase of use of Internet throughout the world, it has been observed that there has been an increase in frauds made through the Internet. This increase is also observed in Turkey.

Phishing e-mails, on which the name and image of Akbank are used, and sent as if being sent by Akbank, examples of which are shown below, are sent to our customers. Never reply to these kinds of phishing emails and never use our Internet Branch through the links in the emails.

Our bank, Akbank, never demands information about our customers through e-mail.

Recently, Trojan programs are installed to computers of those people who click on the link, a sample of which is shown in the e-mail below or open the file attached to the said email. Never click on the links in these emails sent by vicious people and never open their enclosures. Directly delete this kind of emails. If you have clicked on the link in the email or opened the attached file, call 444 25 25 / 0850 222 25 25 and inform them about the matter as soon as possible.


I am bothering you for your job ad on the website....................................

I am that kind of a person who might act as a role-model for his/her colleagues with her/his desire to work, who has a high level of persuasion capacity and who can do any kind of sacrifice, whenever necessary, without any regrets...

I think I meet the qualifications you mentioned in your ad and I can freely travel (including abroad).

My pictures, references and resume are in the attached file.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

You can see a sample fraud e-mail below.

Through the link in this email, our customers are directed to fake Akbank Internet Branch pages and in addition to User Name and Internet Password of the Internet Branch, Debit Card Number and Password or only Debit Card Number and Password are required.

  • Akbank never sends you e-mails requesting your password or private customer information due to access to the Internet Branches or for any other reason.
  • Moreover, Debit Card Number and Password are never asked while accessing the Akbank Internet Branch.
  • Never reply to these kinds of e-mails, which are for fraud purposes, never click on the links in the e-mails, never use the Internet Branch from these links and immediately delete these e-mails.
  • If you opened such an email, enters your personal information and password on the page linked to the e-mail, immediately call Akbank Telephone Branch from 444 25 25 / 0850 222 25 25.
  • Always use our internet branches through the Akbank Corporate Website, which you reach by writing on your browser.

In order to read announcements of Bank Association of Turkey and T.R. Central Bank about frauds made through the Internet, please visit

Akbank Internet Branches are protected with high level of security measures to provide highest level of monetary security of its customers systematically.

To enable these security measures as much as necessary, our customers need to read the following information and certainly pay attention to the following issues for the security of their computers and passwords:

  • Information such as T.R. Identification Number, Mobile phone number, brand or model are never requested from you to access the Akbank Internet Branches
  • You can access with Customer Number, Security Code, User Name, Internet password and Mobile Password sent to your mobile phone as SMS.
  • When any different information is requested from you, call the Telephone Branch from 444 25 25 / 0850 222 25 25 without giving any information.​
General Security Warnings
  • and are official social media pages of Akbank.
  • For the applications on social media pages of Akbank (, etc.) you are requested to enter your name, surname, e-mail, communication number, T.R. Identification Number and address information. Any other information is not requested.
  • In the applications you make to benefit from products and services of Akbank, maiden name of your mother is never asked in full (except for the credit card applications). Only two letters of the maiden name of your mother are requested.
  • Never determine and use User Name and Password composed of your personal information, which can be guessed easily.
  • Never give your personal information and password to anyone and never keep them as written somewhere. Never reply to any e-mails, which request this information. Akbank never requests your personal information through e-mails.
  • Akbank Internet Branches never require you to enter your mobile phone number while accessing.
  • Do not use the same user name and password information everywhere. Do not use the same passwords in different places such as the name of your email and password as well as your Internet Branch password and user name or access code of your computer.
  • Although applications of the Akbank Internet Branch close your session if nothing is done for a period of 5 minutes, do not leave your PC without signing out from the application.
  • Pay attention not to reach the Internet Branch from media, which do not provide PC security (especially locations such as internet cafes). Thanks to the programs upload to computers, your user name and password can be obtained after you leave the computer. This becomes more important when you want to change important information for your security such as user name and password.
  • Remedy the security leaks of, which emerge from time to time on the operation system of your computer (such as windows) when you connect to the Internet, by updating the same through the website of the publisher of your operating system.
  • Do not install programs without a license or open-source programs to your PC.
  • While using the Internet Branch, never use CHAT (ICQ, Net Messenger, Etc.) programs. If you are using such programs, the security warnings mentioned in this part become more important.
  • It is important that you install Antivirus and Anti Spyware programs on your computer, which has an Internet connection, and that you update the software regularly.
  • A firewall program should be installed on your computer. It prevents sending of a file or information, which is on the computer, to another user or accessing to the computer from distance or hijacking of the computer without knowledge of the user.
  • Never use Internet Branches through the pages, which open from links on the e-mails you receive. Always access to the Internet Branch by using the address
  • Do not use Auto Completion function of your browser, if you are using it, deactivate the same. Auto Completion function stores all information including the passwords you entered in the past. Therefore, it would be good if you disable this function.
  • If you want to sign out from the Akbank Internet Branch, please use the Secure Exit button.
  • As Akbank, we suggest that you use the Virtual Keyboard in the Password procedures.
  • Check your account activity and inform Akbank about any extraordinary activities.
  • In order to check whether a third person is using your accounts, check the last date and time from Your Last Visit part as well as the Last Three Transactions part, which are on the main page of the Internet Branch.
  • Data between the Internet Branches and customers are encoded with a security system called 128 SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This is a system which is currently used by all banking systems and which is accepted as secure by everybody.
  • If you do not receive your Mobile Password within 3 minutes, after being sure that the message memory of your phone is not full and you are in the coverage zone, you can request another Mobile Password. If you enter your Mobile Password erroneous for three times, your Mobile Password will be locked.
  • While using the Internet Branch, complete your transactions after carefully reading the Mobile Password SMS', which are sent to you.
  • As Akbank, we request you to change your Internet Branch password periodically. However, you can also change your User Name/code and Password whenever you want.
  • All transactions you made on the Internet Branches are recorded. Your transaction records are stored in a secure way to protect the customer privacy.​