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Whether in the convenience of your own home or a fast-paced office environment, use Akbank Direkt İnternet to conduct banking transactions 24/7 from your desktop or notebook computer without ever visiting a branch of​fice.

Direkt banking customers come out ahead.

With Akbank Direkt İnternet:

  • Save time and money by benefiting from lower deposit interest and foreign exchange rates and lower fees for banking transactions.
  • Participate in campaigns for leading travel destinations for the chance to win a unique vacation experience.
  • Enjoy special discounts from the bank’s various brand and industry partners.

New and improved, Akbank Direkt İnternet is now easier, faster and more efficient than ever.

  • Your transactions now take hardly any time.
  • All transactions are just one click away when you visit the home page and explore its redesigned tabs. Even personalize your homepage by arranging the tabs to best fit your needs.
  • Repeat money transfers from the last 15 days easily, with just a single click.

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