Beyond a debit card, Neo makes your life simpler by offering privileges, opportunities and services to you, to our special customers. With Neo, you can benefit from many features in addition to cash withdrawal and shopping. Welcome to the world of Neo, full of privileges...

Neo, Thrifty Shopping Card!

Neo is especially suitable for those who want to stay in control of their money but also make quick, easy and safe transactions, without having to carry around lots of cash.

Neo, makes you win!

With Neo, you can gain instant cash-backs from shopping and you can use them at Axess merchants immediately.

Neo, Special for You!

D​etermine your shopping and cash withdrawal limits with Neo.

Neo, Makes your Life Simpler!

With Neo, you can withdraw cash from our contracted member stores; give additional card to your wife, children, relatives, employees or the people you make regular payments.

Neo, the key of Akbank!

  • You can access 444 25 25 / 0850 222 25 25 Akbank Telephone Banking and Akbank Direkt Internet easily with your customer number and Neo code.
  • You can make many banking transactions from ATMs.
  • You can access your Overdraft Account and own consumer loan with Neo.
  • You can pay your recurring utility payments.
  • You can ask for additional card for family members and closest friends...
  • You can make e-commerce transactions on Internet.
Let us call you Access to Akbank Direkt ​​

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