Akbank Kart opportunities are here!

Discover the world of Akbank Kart for the special discounts designed for you to earn plenty of chip points during shopping.


With Akbank Kart, you can earn chip-points for your purchases at Axess loyalty merchants. You enjoy free shopping by spending your chip-points at Axess loyalty merchants whenever you wish.

1 chip-point = TRY 1.


By keeping track of Akbank Kart‘s discount campaigns, you can get discounts in various sectors. The amount of discount you get is credited to your demand deposit account your Akbank Kart card is connected to within two business days. While you spend prudently, Akbank Kart contributes to your budget with discounts.

Online Shopping

Akbank Kart, the prudent debit card at shopping, is with you also for your online shopping! With Akbank Kart, you can securely do shopping on all domestic e-commerce websites by setting a daily online limit to your card. By setting “Online Shopping Restrictions”, you can allow online shopping only on the websites supporting 3D Secure Payment.

Your Consent is Required to Continue Doing Secure Online Shopping with Akbank Kart

In accordance with the legal requirements by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, you must give approval in order to do online shopping after December 31, 2017 with your personal credit cards and debit cards as well as the supplementary cards.

In order to continue doing online shopping, you can give approval:

  • By texting and sending "INTERNET" to 8885 for all your personal cards, or
  • By texting "INTERNET", leaving a space, and typing the last 4 digits of your card and sending it to 8885 for a specific card, or
  • By calling 444 25 25 for all your cards or a specific one, or
  • Via the Credit Cards menu at Akbank Direkt for all your cards or your desired cards.

You can change your preferences later on via the Credit Cards menu at Akbank Direkt, Direkt Mobile, our Call Center or Akbank Branches.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a system developed by Visa and MasterCard to enhance the security of online shopping made by debit or credit card. For the online transactions made by debit or personal credit card, you can choose to pay through 3D Secure and you can finalize your transactions more securely with the SMS verification code sent to your mobile phone.

As Akbank, we recommend that you use 3D Secure for the purpose of increasing your security in transactions you have made online by debit or personal credit card.

In case your 3D Secure code is requested by third parties, you can contact us by calling Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25.

POS Money

With Akbank Kart, you can withdraw cash during shopping without having to go to an ATM.

Thanks to Akbank Kart POS Money, for your purchases of minimum TRY 10 for which you use Akbank Kart, you can quickly meet your cash needs up to TRY 100, as multiplies of TRY 10, free of charge at the cash desk.

You can withdraw money following 3 steps below:

1. At the cash desk, while you pay with Akbank Kart, tell that you want POS Money and specify the cash amount you need up to TRY 100.

2. Enter your password for the total amount of the purchase and the cash you need appearing on the POS screen.

3. Then, the Akbank Kart POS Money will also reflect on your receipt. Check your purchase receipt before leaving the store.

If you do not have sufficient cash in your bank account, if you have "Overdraft" connected to your bank account, your POS Money request will be covered by this account. In this case, if a cash withdrawal interest/fee is applicable to the loan account usage, it will remain applicable.


In countries accepting payment by debit cards, you can use your Akbank Kart with Akbank Kart password. When you need cash, you can withdraw money from your account, to which your Akbank Kart is connected, at any bank ATM.

If your card has the TROY logo, it can be used domestically.

Installment Purchase

With Akbank Kart, split your purchases into installments and make your payments easily. With Akbank Kart, you can split your purchases of TRY 50 and above made at Axess loyalty merchants into installments. Your installment purchases with Akbank Kart are made from your Overdraft limit of your drawing account to which your Akbank Kart is connected, even if you have sufficient amount in your account. Your installment purchases made are subject to the Overdraft usage interests and commissions. The rules for limitations on credit card and Overdraft installments are also applicable to the installment purchases made by Akbank Kart. For detailed information about Overdraft, click here.

Access Your Account and Spending Details via a Single SMS!

You can instantly find out your account balance, the total of your current purchases made during the last month, the chip-points balance accrued in your card, the discount amount you have got, and your available balance with your Overdraft limit via a single SMS by texting NEOBİLGİ and the last 4 digits of your card and then by sending it to 4425.

The SMS fee is charged as TRY 0,65 including VAT and SCT for Turkcell customers, as TRY 0,65 including VAT and SCT for Avea customers, and as TRY 0,65 including VAT and SCT for Vodafone customers.

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