Akbank Volunteers

​​​Akbank Volunteers is a platform whereby we aim to carry out socially beneficial projects together with Akbank employees from all across Turkey, their families, our customers and our business partners. The main players in our volunteering system are the Akbank Volunteers from all over the country. Led by Akbank Volunteers, we work together with local residents, civil society organizations and local authorities, developing projects for social problems, and try to be part of the solution. Our volunteer work, which serves a number of purposes including the generation of social sensitivity and awareness, encompasses different projects every year. With all our projects, we feel the power of Akbank, which has undertaken corporate social responsibility projects in numerous areas from education to culture and art since the day it was established, with us at all times. We the Akbank Volunteers believe that volunteering is a powerful tool for resolving the difficulties encountered in day-to-day life, and it gives us the opportunity to be part of the solution.​