Getting Ready For The Future

CaseCampus Program

​​The CaseCampus Program, curated by Endeavor Turkey and sponsored by Akbank, brings together the most experienced academicians, the most curious students and the most up to date Turkish entrepreneur case studies outside of the classroom. As an education platform, it assembles and shares the stories of successful entrepreneurs with young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Through CaseCampus, successful Turkish entrepreneurs selected from Endeavor Turkey’s network, will share their experiences, challenges, achievements and setbacks they have faced in their entrepreneurial journeys. These stories will be presented to the students through written case studies, video series and live forum discussions on an online platform. This content will be managed by leading entrepreneurship instructors from Atilim, Bahcesehir, Bilkent, Bogazici, Dokuz Eylul, ITU, İzmir Economy, Koc, ODTU and Ozyegin universities.​

​​The program also provides a limited number of graduates the opportunity to develop their business ideas with the support of Endeavor Turkey mentors (MentorCampus), as well as access to internship opportunities (TalentCampus) at Akbank, Endeavor Entrepreneur Companies, partner VC’s and incubation centers.

​​The program applications will be open to 3rd or 4th year graduate and postgraduate students under the age of 30. All students who are interested in entrepreneurship as a career path and taking part in an experiential and innovative entrepreneurial education program are encouraged to apply.

​​The program will be carried out in two separate terms every year. For more details on the program and to apply please visit

The Goodwill of the City

With our “Akbank Volunteers” system, we are trying to add value to our society together with our employees and their families, and our customers and partners. As of 2005 with a project called “The Goodwill of the City”, we expanded our volunteering activities together with the college students. In this project we invited college students to participate in the social benefit activities we have been organizing all around Turkey, and to enjoy the Belle & Sebastian Concert to be held as part of the 25th Akbank Jazz Festival from their reserved front seats.​​

​​“The Goodwill of the City” attracted considerable attention among college students, so much so that we met our quota of 400 people in the first three days immediately after the application announcements went out on social media.

​​We executed the project in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), Yedikule Friends of Animal Shelter Association, and the Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA). Thanks to the project, college students had the opportunity to meet non-governmental organizations operating in various areas and to find out more information on their activities.

As part of a joint project of Akbank and non-governmental organizations, 400 college student volunteers have cleaned water fronts, painted schools, helped stray animals, and organized activities for homeless children. A total of 30 social responsibility projects were carried out in 25 different cities, including Istanbul. 400 college students shook off their fatigue by enjoying themselves at the Belle & Sebastian Concert. Representatives of the leading Turkish non-governmental organizations, as well as Akbank volunteers have also enjoyed the concert.​​

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Children Heroes of the Economy​

The "Children Heroes of the Economy" Project has set out in 2012 with a view to help children for becoming conscious consumers and develop an awareness on saving.

We cooperate with Sabancı University, Söz Danışmanlık and Foundation of Private Sector Volunteers in the project. During our program, we try to give the children the message that they can use their pocket money not only for spending but also for helping and saving.

We developed a rich and entertaining content with the help of our project partners. With the money boxes we give as a present during the program, we aim to enable them make saving a part of their daily lives.

Children enjoy the board game we play during the program. At the end of the training, children also receive their certificates showing that they are the "Heroes of the Economy" now. The Project web site​ enables children to play games, watch videos and learn more tips on saving and other related issues. The videos on our web site also give clues for parents for communication of issues like spending, helping and saving with children.

We try to reach more children by Akbank Childrens’ Theater new play “Family Tree” which also gives messages on family values and saving.​

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Akbank "Thinking Club"

Launched in September 2008, Akbank Thinking Club brings Akbank Executives together with Turkish university students.. Through Akbank Thinking Club, Akbank aims to recognize the potential of the younger generation as thought leaders and innovators and to provide them with a visible platform to play a role in shaping their own future within the communities in which they live, study and work.

Through this initiative; socially aware, well-rounded, goal-oriented and academically strong junior (3rd) year university students are elected each year by Akbank and establish an exclusive thought-leadership forum, which they will be a part of for the rest of their academic and professional lives, while existing members are encouraged to develop a long-term relationship with this forum. Each year, members of the clup work on a thema and develop a teamwork. The Clup is enlarging by the fresh members joining to the clup each year. Akbank also provides members of Akbank Thinking Club with opportunities to get together on numerous social, professional and academic events throughout the year.

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​Akbank's "Power of Thinking" Education Initiative​

As a country where nearly half of the population is under the age of 28, we believe that education of these young people carries a great importance for the future of our country. After 60 years of supporting a wide variety of education programs and projects in Turkey, Akbank launched its most ambitious education related social responsibility initiative called "Power of Thinking" in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Education and prestigious NGO "Education Reform Initiative". Through an innovative train-the-trainer approach, this initiative reached 4,250 teachers and 141,270 students in eight provinces. These teachers, in turn, play a critical leadership role in integrating new teaching methods which promote the development of critical thinking skills, emphasizing methodological inquiring and questioning, across all curriculum and grade levels.

The project focused on providing instruction for trainers and teachers in mastering the teaching methods that develop critical thinking skills in youth. Specialist trainers trained 4,250 teachers from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Adana, Samsun, Kayseri and Van, on adopting these new teaching methods, aligned with education reform goals set forth by the Turkish Ministry of Education in 2004. The teachers' training focused on six subjects: active learning, the characteristics of a curious and inquiring student, teaching methods and techniques, curriculum planning and assessment, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching methods and independent active learning.

The ultimate mission of the project is to help students develop important critical and creative thinking skills along with self-confidence as members of an inquisitive, resourceful, tolerant and proactive society.

The Endeavor Support and Summits

‘Endeavor’ is an international non-governmental organization established with the aim of contributing to economic development by supporting active entrepreneurs in developing countries. Endeavor is leading a movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs in Turkey.

In cooperation with Endeavor, we organize various meetings for entrepreneurs in addition to providing special financial services. We have been organizing "Good Entrepreneurship Summit" and "Good Investment Summit”, since 2011 annually. Besides creating a networking platform for the entrepreneurs and investors; information in the fields of leadership, management, entrepreneur financing, angel investment, etc. is also provided to participants.

Akbank Entrepreneur Development Program​

​​"Akbank Entrepreneur Development Program" is launched in cooperation between Sabancı University Entrepreneurship Board (SUGK) and Akbank. Each year, max 50 entrepreneurs are selected from the applicant entrepreneurs to join The Sabancı University’s five day-long Program. The Program is planned to provide entrepreneurs with a solid infrastructure to enable them to establish a successful and efficient business, to give them the necessary trainings, to perform applied project studies and to establish support mechanisms.

​​Setting out from the results and experiences of global counterparts, the Program, which completed its 10th year in 2013, was designed according to Turkey's conditions and developed within the process.

Sabancı University

Sabancı University is established with the mission to develop internationally competent and confident individuals, enriched with the ability to reflect critically and independently, combined with a strong sense of social responsibility; and to contribute to the development of science and technology on a global level, as well as disseminating the knowledge created to the benefit of the community. Akbank’s contribution to the university reached 74 billion USD since the beginning. Since 2005, the total amount of the divident income of the Akbank’s stock that are donated to the University reached 7,3 Million USD, as of 2015.

Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF)

Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) is founded by Sabancı University, an AACSB-accredited and internationally recognized institution that is ranked 13th on Times Higher Education's (THE) "100 Under 50" list of top universities under 50 years old, and became the top emerging young university from Turkey on the list to serve as a bridge between academia, finance industry and real sector. CEF is established with the founding sponsorship of Akbank, ranked as the “Most Valuable Brand of Turkey” in the “Most Valuable Brands in Turkey” ranking by “Brand Finance” for the fifth year.

In this regard, the primary mission of CEF is to connect academicians, practitioners, and investment community and transform fundamental knowledge into applicable practices in real life. Board members of the center include globally distinguished individuals from these three circles and provide consultance about program development, certificate programs, conferences and workshops.

CEF aims to connect academicians, practitioners, policy makers and students with its certificate programs, seminar series, workshops, conferences and research. In all these events, leaders from policy making institutions, universities, banks and real sector will get together to debate on the pressing issues in Banking, Finance and Economics.

In addition to all its events, CEF will produce and disseminate high quality research output in the area of Financial Economics. Research reports, published and working papers by faculty and periodically revised research output data will be disseminated via CEF’s official website.