To take advantage of discounted products and services from numerous select brands in the World of Personal Privileges, or for detailed information, you can instantly reach your Personal Assistant at 444 2525. In order to see our partner brands and services, just click on one of the links below in the appropriate category.

​The World of Personal Privileges is a service provided through Inter Partner Assistance Yardım ve Destek Hizmetleri Tic.Ltd.Şti.


Hotels and Accommodation

See in which hotels you can benefit from theadvantages.

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 Spas and Beauty Salons


See the list of discounted patisseries!

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​Enjoy the privileges of discounted optics!

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 Flowers, Fruit Baskets and Gifts

Vehicle Maintenance

See in which firms you can benefit from theWorld of Personal Privileges!

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​Don't miss our special helicopter transportation, sea or air taxi offers!

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Dry Cleaners

​Click more info to benefit from the discounted dry cleaners!

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Personal Development Courses

Click more info to see the list of discountedcourses!

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Hobby Courses

​See in which courses you can take advanteges!

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How can I access the Personal World of Priviliges?

​​You can connect with the “World of Privileges​” by calling Akbank’s Telephone Branch at 444 2525​

How can I make use of my privileges?

In order to take advantage of the World of Privileges, all you have to do is be a Akbank Kart Cardholder and have at least monthly 200,000 TL or the equivalent asset under management (TL / Foreign Exchange Time Deposit – Checking Account, Investment Fund, TL / Foreign Exchange Treasury Bond / Government Bond / Eurobond or Stock Certificate) at our bank​​​

Akbank Affluent Banking

Priviliged way of banking…​​​​

​​​​Akbank Affluent Banking offers professional services, certain advantages in banking products, and a wide range of financial consulting services with dedicated affluent banking relationship managers

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Akbank Expat Banking