Dear Customers,

Your and our employees' well-being is our top priority.

To keep safe from the global COVID-19 pandemic and to support the public struggle against it, we are closely following the developments and taking all necessary measures. With our employees and our infrastructure, we are resilient and well prepared. As it has always been, we will be standing by you over this period.

With the measures taken, the quality of our service has been secured and its continuity ensured. To that end;

  • In order to minimize physical contact, we kindly suggest you use Akbank Mobile, Akbank Internet and our ATMs.
  • Upon request, principal, interest and installment payments of our retail and corporate customers with maturity up to 30 April will be deferred with the same conditions until 30 June.
  • EFT and money order transactions over Mobile, Internet and ATMs are free of charge until 30 April.
  • For your convenience, our ATMs' and Akbank Mobile QR code's daily commission free cash withdrawal limits have been increased to 5.000 TL each until 30 April, adding up to 10.000 TL in total.
  • Transactions such as; cash withdrawals, deposits, balance screenings and credit card payments can be performed at common ATMs for free until April 30.
  • QR and contactless transaction limits on Axess, Wings, Neo cards and Axess Mobile have been increased to 250 TL.
  • To preserve personal hygiene, we advise you to use contactless and QR code based payment options during your physical shopping.
  • To support our SME, corporate and commercial customers, we have participated in The Banks Association of Turkey's Treasury-backed, Credit Guarantee Fund bonded, credit protocol for businesses. Within the scope of the protocol valid as of 30 march, we will support companies affected by the pandemic without sectoral distinction through our "Cheque Payment Support Credit" and "Economic Stability Shield Credit Support" packages.
  • To minimize the negative impacts of the pandemic and to support the economy as well as the healthcare organizations and their staff who struggle against COVID-19, a fund of 10.000.000 TL has been established. With this fund, we will support the public hospitals of Ministry of Health in their urgent equipment and consumables needs.

We would like to also share the measures that we have taken for you and our employees;

  • Within the bank, teams have been mobilized, and are closely monitoring the situation while coordinating with all necessary institutions. 
  • At our Headquarters, branches and subsidiaries, disinfection has been increased.
  • Travels have been suspended, trainings and events have been postponed.
  • Employees who have recently come back from abroad as well as those who have sensitive medical conditions have been put on leave.
  • Meetings are restricted and most of them are moved to online platforms.
  • To ensure full continuity of our services, specific teams are divided and transferred to separate locations.
  • On 18 March, remote working has begun to a certain extent in all our business units.
  • In some of our branches where remote working is not possible, employees have begun working in shifts.
  • After ensuring necessary infrastructure, our call center staff has started to work remotely. They continue to serve our customers 7/24 without interruption.
  • To minimize potential negative effects of density, at our branches, we are helping a limited number of customers simultaneously.
  • Plexiglass separators have been installed to our counters and desks in order to protect our branch staff through ensuring social distancing.

As Akbank, we strongly believe that with unity, responsibility and solidarity, we will soon leave these days behind. We would like to wish you and all your loved ones good health.