Our Contribution to Society

Since our inception, we have believed wholeheartedly in Turkey ...

​​We have always worked and will continue to work towards the realization of Turkey’s dreams and to advance its vision. We know that to create the Turkey of the future is a responsibility that goes far beyond banking.

As well as supporting economic growth, we consider our primary responsibilities to be increasing the educational and cultural level of our community and supporting entrepreneurial energy.

With the arts and culture projects that we’ve been steadfastly upholding for years, we deliver art to wide audiences and aim to promote a critical perspective. We think that we inspire the development of free and original ideas in every area. We believe that bold entrepreneurs, whom we see as the vanguard of innovation, will make significant contributions to the social and economic development of our country with the opportunities they create. We work hard to ensure they have access to the correct guidance and support. We give great importance to education, and we are designing comprehensive training programs with experts in the field of financial management in particular, to ensure implementation of the highest quality.

We encourage all Akbankers to work on these projects as volunteers, and aim to make more lasting contributions to the lives of more people by sharing our experience and efforts.

As Turkey’s most valuable brand, whatever we have done to date, we have done it straight from the heart. We are always thinking of Turkey’s best interests, and we work wholeheartedly to implement ideas that will advance our country.​

As Turkey’s Most Valuable Brand, Whatever We Have Done To Date, We Have Done It Straight From The Heart