Akbank’s Sustainability Journey From Past To Present

Akbank’s Corporate Development

January 1948​​ - Established in the city of Adana to provide financing to cotton producers in the region.

1950 First Istanbul branch opened in Sirkeci.

1954 Akbank Head Office moved to Istanbul.

1963 Automation of all banking processes.

1964 First representative office opened in Frankfurt, Germany, for workers to make bank transfers to Turkey.

1981 All banking processes computerized and online operations started.

1990 Akbank shares offered to public.

1996 AkSecurities established. Investor Relations Group established to manage shareholder relations.

1998 After its secondary public offering, Akbank shares began trading on international markets as an American Depository Receipt (ADR). Akbank’s Representative Office in Frankfurt was turned into a branch.

1999 Akbank Internet Banking initiated.

2000 Ak-Portfolio Management and Private Banking Department established.
Akbank’s Malta branch was opened.

2001 Akbank N.V. was established in the Netherlands. Akbank Call Center began operations.

2005 Akbank became the first bank to repurchase the shares of its founders. The Bank incorporated AkLeasing as a subsidiary.

2009 Akbank International Advisory Board established. Akbank (Dubai) Limited became the first Turkish bank to be established in the Dubai International Finance Center.

2010 Akbank Banking Center began service with a capacity of approximately 5,000 people.

2011 With our “Pay Mobile”, which was a first in Europe, and “Send Money” applications, we facilitated our customers’ access to financial services.

2012 Combining Internet and Mobile Banking services, the “Akbank Direkt” brand was launched.
Akbank N.V. ceased operations in the Netherlands and merged with Akbank AG, which was based in Germany and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Akbank.

2014 Akbank became one of 15 companies seen fit to be included in the BIST Sustainability Index within Borsa Istanbul.

2015 Akbank prepared its 2014 Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI G4 “comprehensive” reporting level.
Launched in January 2016, the first version of the Investor Relations application was completed for the iOS operating system in December 2015.

2016 The Akbank Investor Relations website and sustainability website became available for stakeholder access.

Akbank In Brief and Milestones

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