Our Ethical Principles are drawn to enlighten us in all kinds of transactions, behaviors and decisions. NextGen Akbank reaches for the future on these principles. As Akbankers, we adhere to the ethical and occupational principles of the banking sector and the professional codes of conduct in all kinds of our way of performing the activities and our behavior. Our objective in all our studies is gaining social benefit by looking after the protection of the environment along with developing banking sector and maintaining trust in the sector. While accommodating ourselves rapidly to the innovations of the digital world, we never give up simplicity and we focus on customer satisfaction in our studies.

Our Basic Characteristics Which Our Ethical Principles are Based on

Akbanker is honest in its relations with the customers, colleagues and all other stakeholders in its studies and activities.

Akbanker knows that trust is the ground for banking, it offers reliable service in time, full and in line with its commitments by giving plain, comprehensible and accurate information to its customers and all other stakeholders.

Akbanker is never biased towards its customers and stakeholders due to their gender, behavior, belief, opinions or ethnic origin, and remains impartial under any conditions.

Akbanker has the sense of customer oriented service in its studies and activities.

Akbanker behaves in compliance with all laws, regulations and standards.

Akbanker, except secret natured information; informs the customers, public, relevant authorities, existing and potential investors and stakeholders fully, explicitly, accurately and in time, it is transparent.

Akbanker, looks after the protection of the environment and aims to gain social benefit in all studies, practices and investments of the Bank as it has attended and committed in The United Nations’ Global Compact.

Ethical Principles