Why Akbank Private Banking?

Banking, in its most private form, in its most private location

Click, let us call you for the privileged services of "Akbank Private Banking".

Click, let us call you

We offer personalized service at Akbank Private Banking!

As Akbank Private Banking, we provide solutions suitable for your needs and goals. We offer you a truly personalized service.

By establishing relationships based on mutual trust, we try to get to know you closely, listen to your expectations and create financial solutions that will enable you to reach your goals.

Our philosophy at Akbank Private Banking is based on mutual trust. We adopt the necessary privacy policy together with all our employees.

Akbank Private Banking and Akbank Wealth Management

As Akbank Private Banking we have the business model with investment affiliates Ak Asset Management and Ak Investment under the name of "Akbank Private Banking and Wealth Management" since 2018.

We professionally manage your wealth with the synergy of our subsidiaries. Thanks to our business model built on the synergy of our subsidiaries and Akbank Treasury, we respond to your needs and expectations from a single point. With this understanding, our Private Bankers provide you the information and explanations you may need in the right form and on time, produce regular reports and give you timely updates regarding your portfolio.

All world markets can be an investment area.

Akbank Private Banking's Investment horizon is wide enough to encompass the whole world. We review all investment opportunities not only in Turkey but around the world while developing special investment strategies for you.

Our analysts evaluate market data from all over the world throughout the day, conduct financial analysis with a global perspective, taking into account the changes in the economic environment.

We host you in our private branches and offer you a personalized service. We conduct your transactions instantly, without making you wait. We enable you to benefit from all kinds of technological opportunities in our branches.

Current investment recommendations!

While creating your investment portfolio, you can buy fixed-income securities such as treasury bills and government bonds, and use Turkish Lira and foreign currency deposit accounts; you can purchase capital market products such as stocks and mutual funds. You can also make transactions in VIOP and perform over-the-counter transactions.