We build tomorrow's Akbank!

​Akbank shapes the future of banking

Akbank, at 70th anniversary of its establishment and with its 14 thousand employees, carries out a transformation project which steer the sector throughout Turkey. By bringing all the innovations of the technology to its customers with its reliable, dynamic, simple, innovative and human-focused approach, Akbank will actualise this new business model at its 250 branches in 2018.

In 70 years, around 64 thousand people, almost a population of a small city, have put their efforts for the bank. For 70 years, Akbank has been the pioneer of the best service and technology in banking and renewed itself. Things unchanged are; Akbank's faith to Turkey and ethical values, clean and transparent banking approach.

Akbank has determined a dynamic, digital, innovative way of doing business. Akbank has designed simple processes for its customers to perform their transactions much more quickly and easily. The bank has also carried its transparent service concept to its architecture; without the usage of a counter and a desk, Akbank has offered spacious and bright spaces to customers. Akbank will communicate with customers, not behind cash-desk counters and behind tables, but with mobile-equipped branch employees now. By ensuring the completion of approximately 200 different daily transactions with new self-service Box Extras without waiting in the lines, Akbank has made it easy for its employees to allocate more time to clients with attention and smiling face.

Akbank's new business model will present customers a plain, fast and easy banking experience that provides time savings. With new paperless processes, Akbank will save 95% paper per year only in contract operations. In this regard, Akbank has reduced the time of getting acquainted and acquisition with customers and at the first contact the bank has removed 2 out of every 3 signatures received from the customers. By reducing the application period of commercial credit card, Akbank will provide 75-80% faster service on average, saving customers time. Akbank will also offer free Wi-Fi service at branches with less paper, less cash and signature processing.  

With combination of a strong financial structure, a visionary team and 70 years of past, Akbank will build "tomorrow's Akbank". Akbank continues to shape "the future of banking".

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