Akbank Private Banking Products and Services

We have the business model with investment affiliates Ak Asset Management and Ak Investment under the name of "Akbank Private Banking and Wealth Management" since 2018.

Thanks to the new business model we have built on the synergy of our subsidiaries and Akbank Treasury, we meet your needs and expectations from one point through Akbank Private Banking and Akbank Wealth Management.

Through our technological infrastructure that strengthens the customer experience, we use the opportunities provided by technology and digital banking in the most efficient way. Our clients can access investment products, approve contracts without going to the branch, and perform transactions instantly, we offer these innovations through our digital channels.

While creating your investment portfolios, you can use fixed-income products such as treasury bills, government bonds and private sector bonds as well as equities and mutual funds.

In addition to investment needs, we cooperate with group companies in order to provide the best and highest quality service in pension, insurance and leasing requests and to meet all the needs of our clients from a single point of contact.