Banking, in its most private way, in its most private location.

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Banking, in its most private way, in its most private location...

As Akbank Private Banking, we serve our clients through our branches and digital channels. We also use the opportunities provided by technology and digital banking in the most efficient way. Through our technological infrastructure our customers can access investment products, approve their contracts without going to the branch and perform transactions instantly, directly through our digital channels.

We strive to provide you a high level of banking experience with a wide range of financial products with advanced expertise. We know you, we understand your different needs and goals, and we offer you the most suitable solutions to achieve your goals.

We respond to your needs and expectations in financial matters as soon as possible and in the most accurate way. We believe in long-term relationships, we strive to protect your family assets and values, and pass them from generation to generation. In addition to all these, we aim to support culture and art and make a difference with the events we organize.

Award-Winning Banking

Our privileged services have been awarded many times by the world's leading financial magazines. With a total of 111 awards from Euromoney, 102 times from The Banker, and 53 times from Global Finance with "Best Private Bank in Turkey". And we received awards from Euromoney “Best UHNW Services in Turkey” 4 “Best Private Bank in Philanthropic Advice - Turkey, “Best Private Bank in Next Generation - Turkey,”, “Best Private Bank in Serving Business Owners - Turkey,”, “Best Private Bank in Technology Data Management and Security in Private Banking and Wealth Management - Turkey,” 5, from Global Finance “Best Private Bank in Europe for Excellence in Crisis: Client Services” 6, and “Best Private Bank for Digital Solutions for Clients in CEE”7 from Financial Times Group magazine PWM PWM Wealth Tech Awards “Best Private Bank, Digital Client Communication, CEE”8, “Best Private Bank, Digital Customer Experience, SEE”9, “Best Private Bank for Digitally Empowering Relationship Managers in CEE”10 and “Best Private Bank for Digital Customer Service in CEE” 11.

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