Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy Loan

A first in Turkey: green transformation of manufacturing and exporting

Akbank continues to develop products that support the transition to a low carbon economy in order to combat the climate crisis resulting from the increase in the world population and the rapid use of natural resources. In this context, Akbank provides Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy Loan to companies working on reducing their carbon footprint.

The Transition to Low Carbon Economy Loan aims to encourage activities aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of companies that primarily export products to European Union countries, with projects that comply with the green criteria in the Akbank Sustainable Financing Framework. Through this product which especially turns the carbon tax risks that may be encountered due to carbon border tax liability into an opportunity, special services are offered to Akbank's clients. The focus sectors are identified as cement, machinery, automotive, textile, electricity, aluminum, iron and steel, fertilizer, transportation, agriculture, chemistry, food and aviation where measures can be taken regarding the climate crisis. However all sectors aiming to reduce carbon emissions can benefit from the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy Loan.