Divide Your Expenses Into Installments Whenever You Wish!

You can divide all your expenses into installments with your credit card.

Request for Installment

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With your credit card, , you can divide your expenses into installments later on.

Did you make noninstallment purchases with your credit card but you want to divide your expenses into installments later? It’s very easy to divide them up to 18 installments with Request Installment feature of Axess.

You can Request Installment via:

  • Axess Mobile, or,
  • Akbank Mobile and Internet, or,
  • Akbank Telephone Branch

Following your application, an SMS containing a code will be sent to your mobile phone number registered in Akbank system. Please text and send the code you received to 5990.

You can log in to Akbank Mobile or Internet with your customer number or Akbank credit card details. Unless you have an Akbank Mobile or Internet password or remember it, you can get it right now by clicking Get Password.

Request InstallmentGet Password

You can divide your purchases without installment above 50 TRY amount you withdrew before into installments before your account settlement date either at:

1. Axess Mobile or

2. Akbank Internet following the steps : My Cards -> Installment/Postponement -> Installment  or at

3. Akbank Mobile following the steps : Credit Card Transactions -> Installment/Postponement -> Installment  or by 

4. Calling Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25

  • You can take advantage of the installment options up to 18 months for your purchases without installment.
  • No fee is charged for Request Instalment transactions.
  • Request Installment is only available for transactions in TRY.
  • In terms of cash limits, a maximum of TL 25,000 can be used for the sum total of the following products: Installment Advance, Cash Advance, Installment Debt Transfer, Instant/Scheduled EFT/Transfer from Credit Card and Sending Money via BKM Express. The total current debt amount for these products cannot exceed TL 25,000.

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