Loan Application Channels

You can apply right away via the application options such as Short Application, Web Loan, Akbank Direkt Internet Loan, Click and Let Us Call You, SMS Loan, and Telephone Branch Loan!

Akbank Direkt Loan

Another breakthrough from Akbank!

The fastest solution for the consumer loan:Akbank Direkt Loan

You can apply for a loan on the web right now without any documents or signatures!

You no longer need to visit the branch to use a consumer loan! With Akbank Direkt Loan, you can use a consumer loan ight away without visiting the branch and you can instantly transfer your loan to your account.

You can instantly learn the amount you can take out ­by making your loan application right now.

Loan Express Line

For a consumer loan suitable for your budget, let us call you!

Find out how much loan you can get from Akbank and your loan approval instantly. Let us inform you about our current advantageous campaigns.

  • Let our loan specialists call you,
  • Let us answer all your questions,
  • And let's determine the loan suitable for your budget together.

Akbank Branches

You can apply for a loan at any Akbank branch of your choice.

Telephone Branch

Your loan is on the other end of the line... All you need to do is to call 444 25 25, to dial first 4 and then 2, and to dial your mobile phone number. You can get information about your loan and make application 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

 Akbank Mobile and Internet

Expat Banking Line

For further information, please contact our Expat Banking remote relationship managers:

0 262 687 70 40

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