Divide Your Statement Debt, Enjoy Peace of Mind!

With the Divide Statement feature of Axess, you can divide the remaining debt of your credit card into installments.

Divide Your Statement Debt Right Now

Divide Statement Calculator

Meet the Divide Statement Now!

Axess makes your life easier with the Divide Statement feauture. Do not bother about installment purchase feature of the merchant while shopping. Be the remaining debt of your credit card 100 TRY or 100.000 TRY, you can pay it easily with the option of 2 or 3 installments.

You can divide your statement debt via:

You can log in to Akbank Mobile and Internet with your customer number or Akbank credit card details. Unless you have an Akbank password or remember it, you can get it right now by clicking Get Password.

Divide Your Statatement Debt Right NowGet Password

Divide Statement Amount (TRY)
Number of InstallmentsMonthly Contractual Interest Rate
100 - 100.000
2-3 Months3,26%

* The monthly installment amount includes RUSF and BITT.

  • You can take advantage of the Divide Statement feature only for the last statement of your credit card after account settlement date until payment due date.
  • Monthly interest rate of 3,26% - excluding BITT and RUSF – will be applied to the remaining debt amount you divide.
  • You can divide the statement of the remaining debt amount ranging from 100 TRY to 100.000 TRY into 2 or 3 installments via Akbank Internet or by calling Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25
  • Request Instalment is only available for transactions in TRY.

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