Akbank SMEs' banking operations are easily solved on mobile

We have undersigned an innovation that we will be a pioneer in providing solutions to accelerate the business needs of SMEs. With the Corporate Digital Transformation Project, we created packages containing banking products and non-banking advantages according to the needs of customers, and enabled them to receive these packages through the mobile channel with a fast experience without interruption. With the project, our SMEs, who apply for POS, Commercial Credit Card and Commercial Loan through Akbank Mobile, can purchase these products individually and quickly through completely digital processes, as well as in packages that contain more than one product and include banking advantages as well as non-banking advantages suitable for their needs.

In addition, we have integrated the Smart Finance Technology product so that our SMEs can increase their financial awareness and manage their transactions quickly and easily. Thanks to this technology, our SMEs can better understand their financial transactions with the insights and graphics created on their daily financial transactions, and they can manage their financial calendars much more easily by monitoring their past and future cash flows through graphs.