A first in Turkey: Green transformation of tourism, port and maritime activities

Having specified sustainable finance as one of its priority areas in its sustainability activities, Akbank is offering three different products called Blue Tourism Loans, Blue Port Loans and Blue Transportation Loans under the Blue Finance Package to enhance sustainable tourism, reduce the environmental footprint in marine tourism activities, protect the seas in port activities and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. All three products are designed as part of an effort to reduce the environmental footprint in tourism, protect the seas, protect and develop biodiversity, and support the fight against pollution anda re eligible for projects that comply with the green criteria indicated under Akbank Sustainable Finance Framework.

Blue Tourism Loan

Blue Tourism Loan financing includes activities such as new hotel construction, refinancing of existing hotels, renovation of existing buildings, investments related to sustainability, green building integration, waste management, biodiversity studies, water and wastewater management and energy efficiency.

The Blue Port Loan

The Blue Port Loan is designed to finance construction of new ports, port refinancing, all activities related to sustainability in ports, waste management, circular economy practices, biodiversity studies, and water and wastewater management.

Blue Transportation Loan

The Bank offers the Blue Transportation Loan opportunity to those who want to purchase new sea transportation vehicles (for touristic or commercial purposes), invest in alternative fuels, accelerate their low-carbon transition investments, and who need financing for energy-efficient, environment-friendly machinery and equipment renewal and replacement.