Are You Ready to Bring Added Value to Your Life and Transform the Joy of Shopping into Privilages?

Now the more you use your card while exploring the benefits in banking transactions and the more assets you have at the bank, the more you will benefit from banking and card privileges. Our Wings or Black Wings card customers can take advantage of eligible programs free of charge based on the amount of assets that have with our bank.

Wings Reward Program is based on the amount of assets (deposits, individual retirement account and investment account) you have with Akbank. As your assets grow, you will earn more miles and enjoy the feeling of flying for free. What’s more, you will not only accumulate miles from credit card purchases, but will find easier ways to fly by earning miles when taking out a new home or vehicle loan, opening Overdraft accounts, purchasing investment funds, and making Individual Retirement and insurance payments.

There are 3 new Wings programs: Classic, Black and Black Plus.

Customers with assets up to 300,000 TRY are Classic,
those with assets from 300,000 to 600,000 TRY are Black,
and those with assets of 600,000 TRY or more are Black Plus.


How can I apply for a Wings credit card?

You can easily apply via Akbank Mobil, by calling Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 2525, by visiting Akbank Internet and Akbank Branches.

What is Wings Mile Point?

You earn 1 Mile Point for a purchase of TRY 1,5 made with your Wings. For example; you earn 100 Mile Points for a purchase of TRY 150 you make in Turkey.

1 Mile Point can be earned for each purchase of TRY 10 made in the following sectors: pharmacy, construction, residence, jewelry, tire, insurance, telecom, tax, municipality and charges, car rental, sales, service and spare parts, aviation, ground and loan transportation, courier services, motor cargo carriers and transporters, dentist equipment, laboratory, medical and hospital tools and equipment, transportation services, wholesaler stores, computer maintenance, repair and services, computer network and information services, computer software stores, computer hardware and software, agricultural products storage, frozen products, household goods and storage, equipment, tools, furniture, device hiring and leasing, watch, clock and jewelry repair, agriculture cooperatives, industrial tools and other commercial activities.

You earn extra Mile Points for purchases abroad as compared to that for purchases in Turkey. For example; 1.000 Miles Points can be earned from TRY 1.500 domestic spending. Classic program customers with assets of up to TRY 300,000 can earn 1,500 Miles from overseas spending, a Black program customer with assets of up to TRY 600,000 can earn 2,000 Miles, and a Black Plus program customer with assets of TRY 600,000 or more can earn 3,000 Miles.

At Axess Loyalty Merchants, you also earn chip points in addition to Mile Points. Your Mile Point earning does not affect your chip-money earning.

You can request a supplementary card for your loved ones, and you can save the Mile Points earned from the purchases made with your supplementary card in your own Mile Point account. So you save Mile Points much faster.

What is Advance Mile Point?

You have sufficient Mile Points to fly whenever you want, you do not need to wait. By using the Advance Mile Points, you can buy the ticket you want instantly and you can easily clear your Advance Mile Points with the new Mile Points that you will earn within 1 year.

You can request Advance Mile Points by calling 444 25 25 /0850 222 25 25 or via

How can I earn more Mile Points?

By registering for Wings campaigns, you can earn Extra Mile Points for your purchases in addition to your current Mile Points.

Can I determine the limit myself?

You can request a limit increase at any time by visiting Akbank Internet and Akbank Branches, or by calling Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25 / 0850 222 25 25 Moreover, you can also place a regular limit increase order and ensure that your limit is automatically updated.

What is the transfer service?

You can get up to 75% discount on the transfer service from your address to the airport and from the airport to your address at Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bodrum airports (Our customers in the Wings classic program can get a 25% discount, our Wings Black customers 50% and our Wings Black Plus customers 75% discount)

What are the daily life advantages that Wings cards provide?

Thanks to the expanding Wings Style network, you can enjoy discounts of up to 20% at the finest restaurants. Moreover, you will have 5% wellness & fitness discounts.

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