Flexible Savings Account

Make saving a part of your monthly routine with a Flexible Savings Account that automatically converts the amount you specify from your current account into gold, (either grams or gold coins), USD, EURO, JPY, GBP, RUB, or a basket of 50% dollars and 50% euros every month. If you prefer, your monthly Flexible Savings Account payment can also be deducted from your credit card. Best of all, if you need to access your savings, there are no penalties for early withdrawal from your Flexible Savings Account.

You can click to open an account button, select the products matching your needs and start saving with flexible accounts via Akbank Direkt Internet.

Deposit Savings Account

If you prefer saving in TRY, you can open a Deposit Savings Account.

You can open a savings account at any Akbank Branch or via Akbank Direkt and Akbank Telephone Banking on 444 2525.

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