Consumer Loan Calculator

​​For all your needs!

With Akbank Personal Loan you can meet any personal needs you might have!

For all your needs such as covering education expenses, renovating your house, meeting health expenses, paying for a vacation or purchasing electronic goods, you can benefit from "Akbank Personal Loan"

For all these needs, we have special loans designed such as “Akbank Home Improvement Loan”, “Akbank Education Loan”, “Marriage Loan”, or “Personal Loan for Professionals”.

These specialized loans are offered in return for a receipt or invoice and with feature rates more attractive than those on standard personal loans.


  • Extended in TL
  • Equal installments

Required terms

  • Anybody who has turned the age of 18
  • Life insurance shall be executed

Required documents

  • Original and photocopy of the proof identity (National ID, Driver's License or Passport)
  • A document affirming the residence address in Turkey
  • Income Statement
  • Residence permit and work permit in Turkey (for foreigners only). Residence and work permit should be valid during the entire loan period.
  • Turkish guarantor is required (for foreigners only)
  • For Marriage Loans and Home Improvement Loans, an invoice for the entire amount of the expenditure, a document proving purchase, a pro forma invoice or a receipt
  • For Education Loans, an invoice noting the school’s bank account number

Costs and insurances relating to the Loan

  • Up Front Fee
  • Life insurance
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