Personal Assistant Services

​Your Personal Assistant* is here to help make your life run more smoothly...

With the World of Personal Privileges, you will have an assistant available 24/7 who is capable of planning your whole day, from your morning breakfast to your dinner reservations, from your personal gifts to your travel needs.

Are you about to travel abroad?
Let your Personal Assistant take care of everything: airport transfers, airline tickets, and hotel arrangements.

Do you want to surprise a loved one on a special day?
Your Personal Assistant can handle all the details, from sending flowers to making restaurant reservations.

Do you have guests visiting from abroad or from out of town?
Your Personal Assistant will see to all your visitors' transportation arrangements, ensuring that they have an exceptionally comfortable trip.

*Only Akbank customers who are members of the World of Personal Privileges are entitled to benefit from these advantages and privileges. ​​

How can I access the Personal World of Priviliges?

​​You can connect with the “World of Privileges​” by calling Akbank’s Telephone Branch at 444 2525​

How can I make use of my privileges?

In order to take advantage of the World of Privileges, all you have to do is be a Akbank Kart Cardholder and have at least monthly 200,000 TL or the equivalent asset under management (TL / Foreign Exchange Time Deposit – Checking Account, Investment Fund, TL / Foreign Exchange Treasury Bond / Government Bond / Eurobond or Stock Certificate) at our bank​​​