Your life will get easier with a TL Deposit Account!

The TL Deposit Account will make your life easier. You will have access to all of our Retail Banking services and you will be able to use your Turkish Liras on deposit at any time.

  • Once you open up a checking account, you may apply for an Akbank Kart (Akbank Debit Card), Credit Card, Overdraft Account (Artı Para)), Checkbook, as well as an Investment Account.
  • You can set up automated payments for your utility and credit card bills, rent and maintenance fees.
  • You can access your Checking Account through Akbank Direkt Internet and our ATMs 24 hours a day.
  • You can withdraw cash from ATMs 24 hours a day.
  • You can make ​payments with your Akbank Kart without needing to carry cash.

You can access your TRY current account at all Akbank ATMs, via Akbank Direkt and Akbank Telephone Banking on 444 2525, as well as at any Akbank Branch

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