Car Loan Calculator

 Car Loan Calculator

Renew your used car!

Own the car in your dreams with Akbank Car Loan or renew your used car!

Car Loans' features

  • Extended in TL for both New cars and used cars
  • Terms up to 5 years for both brand new and used cars
  • For new cars and used cars, LTV 70% for maximum TL50.000 and LTV 50% over TL50.000, ​including VAT and Special Consumption Tax (ÖTV) of the vehicle
  • For used cars up to 5 years old

Required terms for New Cars

  • Anybody who has turned the age of 18
  • Credit Life Insurance shall be executed
  • Auto insurance shall be executed
  • Car pledge shall be taken

Required documents

  • ​Original and photocopy of the identity card (National ID, Driver's License or Passport)
  • A document affirming the residence address in Turkey
  • Income Statement
  • An invoice or a notarized contract of sale
  • Residence permit and work permit in Turkey (for foreigners only). Residence and work permit should be valid during the entire loan period.
  • Turkish guarantor is required (for foreigners only)

Costs and insurances relating to the loan

  • Application Fee
  • Personel Accident Insurance
  • Credit life insurance
  • Auto insurance
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