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Welcome to the world of Axess, full of privileges and meeting all your needs.

With Axess, you can make purchases in Turkey and abroad, and you can meet your urgent cash needs.

While Axess gives you plenty of chip-points from your purchases, it makes your life easier with the installment option it offers at hundreds of thousands of merchants. You can spend your chip-points as you wish in the wide network of Axess Loyalty Merchants.

We wish you enjoy shopping with Axess.



You earn chip-points from purchases made with Axess. With the chip-points you earn, you can instantly buy things for free at Axess Loyalty Merchant stores all around Turkey. (1 chip-point = TRY 1.)

Place Automatic Utility Payment Orders with Axess, and make yourself comfortable!

Place an automatic utility payment order, relieve of your duty to keep track of the bills every month, and make yourself comfortable. You can place your order via Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25 or via Akbank Direkt.

The monthly net bill payment interest rate will be applied on a daily basis to your bills paid upon an order with your Axess from the payment due date to the payment date of your bill. No interest is charged to your mobile phone payments (Turkcell, Vodafone, Türk Telekom Mobil (Avea), Teknosa Mobil and POCELL) and Superonline bills.


For more information, you can visit Campaigns .You can earn extra chip-points by keeping track of the campaigns offered by Axess every month, and you can take benefit from extra installment opportunities at the contracted merchants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for an Axess credit card?

  • You can make your application by calling Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25,
  • Via Akbank Direkt Internet,
  • Via, 
  • At all Akbank ATMs and branches,
  • Or by texting and sending "AXESS" to 5990.
How can I spend my chip-points?

​Chip-points are kept on the chip on your card. When you spend with your Axess at any Axess Loyalty Merchant you wish, you can also use your chip-points accrued on your chip as you wish.

What is the Request for Installment and how can I benefit from it?

​You can divide any single purchase of TRY 50 and above made with your Axess into installments up to 12 months via Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25 or via Akbank Direkt Internet .

Can I meet my cash needs via my credit card?

​Yes, based on the amount of your cash need, you can instantly meet your urgent need via Cash Advance, Installment Advance and Quick Money products at ATMs, via Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25 or via Akbank Direkt Internet .

What is Cash Advance?

​Cash Advance is a service where, for your daily cash needs, you can withdraw cash from your credit card within your available cash advance limit. You can withdraw your cash advance at all Akbank ATMs, via Akbank Telephone Branch at 444 25 25, via Akbank Direkt , at Akbank Branches or at other bank ATMs.

What is SMS Money?

It is a service where you can instantly get TRY 500 for free via a single SMS. And what's more, it offers suitable interest rates and the opportunity to repay in 3 installments. To apply for SMS Money, please text "PARA", leave a space, type the last 6 digits of your card, and send it to 5990. Example message: [PARA 112233].

And if you wish, to get SMS Money for 9 installments, you can text PARA9, leave a space, the last 6 digits of your card and the amount you want, and send it to 5990

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