The World of 1e1 Privileges

Would you like to enter a world that offers unique privileges for all your needs in your daily life?

The world of privileges offered by 1e1 Banking...

Akbank 1e1 Banking is a comprehensive set of services that provides you valuable customers with exclusive services through a 1e1 Relationship Manager assigned to you and offers various advantages for the banking products together with a wide range of financial advisory services.

1e1 Banking provides tailor-made services to a limited number of customers.

Your personal relationship manager is at your disposal…

With his/her knowledge, experience and "close interest, unlimited trust" principle, your 1e1 relationship manager knows you well, understands your expectations and addresses all your financial needs with tailor-made solutions.

Apart from the classical banking products, your 1e1 relationship manager provides you with different products he/she thinks might be an alternative for you, thanks to his/her experience and objective approach, together with the "1e1 Banking" advantages, and helps you pick the best one for you so that you can achieve your financial goals and realize your plans for the future.

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 The World of 1e1 Privileges