​World of Privileges

Would you like to discover a world of unique privileges designed to help meet your personal needs?

Then we invite you to experience a World of Privileges, specially designed to enhance and facilitate your life and the lives of your family and loved ones.

Discover the services provided specially for you by your Personal Assistant in the World of Privileges​ – and enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends rather than dealing with everyday problems.


Personal Assistant Services​

​Your Personal Assistant is here to help make your life run more smoothly... 

With the World of Privileges​, you will have an assistant available 24/7 who is capable of planning your whole day!​

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Assistance Services​

Consult your Personal Assistant 24/7 for numerous types of information and services related to your home and vehicle! 

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Planning and Reservation Services

​​​Let your Personal Assistant arrange event and transportation tickets; make reservations at your favorite restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels in Turkey or anywhere in the world. Also he can support you about the shipping services!​

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Health Services

​Consult your Personal Assistant  24/7 for check-up, free dental care, flu shot, healthy nutrition, psychological support and a second medical opinion services!

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Hobby Clubs

Enjoy our wide variety of hobby clubs* – everything from educational to social activities, from art to sports – at discounted prices. Pursue your favorite hobby, and leave the rest to your Personal Assistant...

*For detailed information, you can consult your Personal Assistant

Special Discount Club

​Discount in S.U Sakıp Sabancı Museum:

With World of Privileges you can visit the exhibitions in S.U Sakıp Sabancı Museum with a 50% discount. Please show your Akbank Kart at the entrance of the museum.

How can I make use of my privileges?

In order to take advantage of the World of Privileges, all you have to do is be a Akbank Kart Cardholder and have at least monthly 200,000 TL or the equivalent asset under management (TL / Foreign Exchange Time Deposit – Checking Account, Investment Fund, TL / Foreign Exchange Treasury Bond / Government Bond / Eurobond or Stock Certificate) at our bank​​​

How can I access the Personal World of Priviliges?

​​You can connect with the “World of Privileges​” by calling Akbank’s Telephone Branch at 444 2525​