​Our bank is now on the other side of the line!

If you have an Akbank Bank Card (Akbank Kart) or TCKN or Akbank Credit Card, you can start using 444 25 25 / 0 850 222 25 25 Akbank Telephone Banking immediately without making any application.

Using without Parole

By calling 444 25 25 / 0 850 222 25 25:

You can perform all banking and credit card transactions other than those requiring cash flow from your account such as Interbank Transfer/Intrabank Transfer by dialing your Customer Number or TCKN or Credit Card Number and your Bank Card (Akbank Kart)/Credit Card password with a single call.

Using with Parole

In order to perform risky cash transactions such as money transfer and payment order safely through Akbank Telephone Banking, Parole and MobilePass details will be asked in addition to the customer number/TCKN/Credit Card Number with Bank Card (Akbank Kart)/Credit Card password.

It is very easy to get your password now! You can get your Parole in 2 easy steps.

To get your Parole:

  • All you need to do is to visit the nearest Akbank Branch, fill in a "Parole Request Form" legibly in full,
  • Deliver the form to a Customer Representative at our branch, and send the Parole* that you determined after receiving the "Parole determination SMS" to be sent to your mobile phone by our Bank to 05324442525 within 3 days.

*The Parole is composed of letters and numbers from 6 digits to 10 digits. The message sent by Akbank is replied by typing "Parole", giving a space and typing the determined Parole. Your Parole is activated instantly.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

You can perform many basic banking transactions such as Foreign Exchange, Fund, Repo, Credit Card Payment, Internal Transfer faster and easier only by using the keys of your phone with a simple menu and guiding messages through 444 25 25 ​/ 0 850 222 25 25 Akbank Telephone Banking Interactive Voice Response without speaking with a Customer Representative.