Money Market Funds

Click more info to get information about Akbank B Type Money Market Fund and Akbank B Type Short-Term Bills&Bonds Fund.​​​​

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Bills and Bonds Funds

Akbank Bills and Bonds Funds are for the investors who seek to benefit from opportunities in fixed-income instruments.​​

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Equity Funds

For the investors who seek high levels of investment allocation in Turkish equities with large market capitalization in order to achieve long-term growth by leveraging opportunities in the equity market.

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Alternative Funds

​​Find more information about Akbank B Type Gold Fund, B Type Balanced Foreign Securities Fund, B Type Commodity Fund Basket Mutual Fund and B Type Sukuk Fund.

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Franklin Templeton Funds

Overseas investment opportunities!

Click more info to get information about BRIC Fund, America Fund, Europe Fund, Asia Fund and Latin America Fund.

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Capital Protected Funds

​​Akbank continues to meet investors' requirements with capital protected funds. In the current market conditions where protection of investments is highly appreciated...​

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