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 The Only Thing That You Need To Know About Investment

Prestigious Pension Plan

We offer a happyfuture with the Plan of Investment in the Prestigious Pension in which noadministrative expense fee is collected from the contribution and the entrancefee is postponed.​

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Akbank Kart

​Beyond a debit card, Akbank Kart makes your life simpler by offering privileges, opportunities and services to you!​

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Makes you fly easily!

With Wings, enjoy the pleasure of both shopping and flying without limits..​

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 Akbank Mobile and Internet


​We take care of your all insurance needs!​

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Integrated Reports


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Make a


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Another first in sustainability from Akbank in Turkey:

Akbank and NatWest Markets Plc sign a sustainability-linked FX agreement

As part of its objective to lead the ban...

06.01.2022 00:00:00

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