Enjoy the benefits of being direct!

Your bank is now with you anywhere that you have online access. You can perform all your banking transactions easily and quickly via Akbank Direkt Internet and Akbank Direkt Mobile, you can manage your accounts and investments within the convenience of your home or office.

By using Akbank Direkt, you can perform your banking transactions with lower fees and you can take advantage of higher interest rates. Moreover, you may participate in the lottery campaigns to different locations worldwide and you can get discounts from variable brands. 

Now start using Akbank Direkt to experience 24/7 high service quality and enjoy the advantages of Akbank Direkt!

To access Akbank Direkt:

You can login Akbank Direkt with your Customer Number and Akbank Direkt Password. If you do not know your Akbank Direkt Password, you can instantly get your Password by clicking the "Get Password" button and entering the informations on the screen. You can also get Akbank Direkt Password by visiting nearest ​branch.

You can download Akbank Direkt Mobil application by texting "MOBİL" to 4425 and following the link included in​ the reply. You can also download Akbank Direkt Mobil application from AppStore/Google Play/WindowsPhoneStore.​