Privacy Policy for Akbank Direkt Mobile App

Privacy Policy for Akbank Direkt Mobile App

Your privacy is important to us.

In some cases our apps communicate directly with a 3rd party server to obtain latest data for display within the apps (such as rss feeds, raw weather data feeds etc) . When this happens - we don't transmit any data about you or your usage to these 3rd parties except where explicitly stated. Please check these 3rd parties (where applicable) for their additional privacy policies.

Location Services Privacy Policy

Apps of ours which utilize location services are designed to simply use the derived co-ordinates for auto-configuring the app experience for you - these co-ordinates are not passed to our online servers nor any 3rd parties (unless where explicitly stated) and are not recorded inside the app at any point.

Please see Google Analytic's privacy policy at Akbank Direkt Mobile App, uses your location information to show closest Akbank ATMs and Branches on the map. And also access your contact list, and use your network connection if live tile is open.

Advertising Banner Privacy Policy

Apps of ours which provide free usage via inbuilt advertising may transmit basic regional/language information about you to the advertising banner system in order to provide you with relevant ads. In some cases our apps may also ask your permission to also provide geo-cordinates - to help provide better ad content - and in these cases we will ask your permission to do so. At this time all our apps are actually ad free - however we may introduce this at a later point (and any apps that want to utilize this information will provide appropriate notice and opt outs).

3rd Part Content Privacy Policy

In some of our apps - we may display live web pages from 3rd party sources (via the inbuilt web browser) - and in these cases you should read the privacy policies displayed by these websites (which in most cases should be accessible directly from the viewed content).

Further Information

If you have any questions on our privacy policies or wish to report a complaint - please contact us by filling the form below :

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