We achieved yet another worldwide first when we brought banking to the wristwatch.

The first in Turkey and internationally to introduce banking services to a wristwatch, Akbank integrated its mobile banking platform, Akbank Direkt Mobile, with i’m Watch, a smart watch built to synchronize with iOS and Android phones.

Running the Akbank Direkt Mobile app on i’m Watch allows you to:

  • Calculate foreign currency
  • Track precious metal prices in real-time
  • Track BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange) 100 price indices
  • View price variation graphs

Download the Akbank Direkt Mobile app directly to your i’m Watch device from the i'Market App Store.

What is i’m Watch?

The first true smartwatch, i’m Watch connects to your smartphone using its Bluetooth capabilities. This innovative new generation device helps you manage any application you may need directly from your wrist. You can use the watch to access SMS, e-mails and other notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, music players and more.

i’m Watch allows you to leave your smartphone in your pocket or bag, or even on your desk, and answer incoming calls using just your smartwatch. Incorporating Italian design and technology, i’m Watch features the i’market, a treasure trove of rich applications to explore, including game applications, productivity tools, sports and fitness assistants, as well as many other useful and entertaining features.