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Have your bank with you whenever and whereever you have internet access.


Experience the difference of going direct to meet all your banking needs!

Akbank Direkt İnternet Corporate caters to business people navigating today’s fast-paced professional world. Conduct all your corporate banking transactions from any location 24/7 using only your computer, without ever visiting Akbank branch offices.

The many benefits of Akbank Direkt İnterne​t Corporate include:

  • The ability to retrieve and print receipts and statements immediately after completing transactions.
  • Set authorization and transaction amount limits for any personnel who will be using Akbank Direkt İnternet.
  • Establish your own approval mechanisms to ensure that all transactions your personnel conduct on Akbank Direkt İnternet have been properly screened by individuals authorized by your company.
  • Use the Bulk Remittance and Bulk EFT functions to easily perform up to 30 transactions simultaneously.

The new and improved Akbank Direkt İnternet is easier, faster and more efficient than ever.

  • All Akbank Direkt İnternet transactions are now swift and streamlined.
  • With the redesigned homepage tabs, transactions are just a click away. You can even personalize your homepage by rearranging the tabs to suit your needs.
  • Easily repeat money transfers from the past 15 days with just a single click.
  • View your upcoming payments under the Payments tab, or track your outstanding transaction limits by clicking on the Limits tab.

Access to Akbank Direkt İ​nternet now to discover these new innovations.

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