Manage your consumer and corporate transactions on a single platform.

Akbank Direkt İşim helps you manage your consumer banking transactions and all corporate banking transactions using a single interface.


  • Just one account: Complete both corporate and consumer banking transactions with Akbank Direkt.
  • Cash flow: Easily and quickly track your income and expenses.
  • Smart Agenda: Track your banking transactions and payments quickly, making it easier to plan ahead.
  • Full authorization: Manage both your consumer and corporate accounts simultaneously from a fully authorized, single user platform, with no authorization limitations to hold you back.


Experience a difference with Akbank Direkt İşim’s Cash Flow feature, here to make your life easier. It offers:

  • An income-expense tracker for your consumer and corporate accounts.
  • Balance forecasting tool that used past incomes and expenses to predict your daily financial future for upcoming periods.
  • Transaction type-and account-based filtering features.
  • Same-screen access to transaction information.
  • Alerts about overdue payments.
With Akbank Mobile and Internet, you can carry out any transaction without ever visiting a branch office.