Ethical Principles


At Akbank, we adhere to the ethical-professional principles of the banking industry and professional code of conduct in all types of activities and transactions. Just as we pledged by our participation in the United Nations Global Compact, we comply fully with the universal principles on human rights, work conditions, the environment, and decent society, and we show due diligence in the practice of these internalized principles by all our stakeholders, as well. We support the improvement of society and the protection of the environment.

Our basic principles guide us in all our transactions and behavior.

Integrity: We stick to the integrity principle in all our works and activities, and in our relationships with our stakeholders and other parties.

Reliability: Knowing that trust is the very foundation of the banking industry, we give open, intelligible and accurate information to our customers and our stakeholders, and we provide timely and complete services for them in line with our promises.

Impartiality: We have no bias towards our stakeholders on the grounds of their gender, behavior, opinions or ethnic origin, and we make no discrimination between our stakeholders under any conditions.

Compliance: We comply with all laws, regulations and standards.

Transparency: Excepting information of a secret nature, we inform the customers and the public fully, accurately and in a timely manner.

Observing Social Benefit and Respect for the Environment: In all our works, applications and investments, we observe our Bank's image, benefit and profitability, together with the social benefit, development of the banking industry, ensuring the sustainability, and the maintenance of the industry's reliability as a whole, and we comply with environmental, consumer and public health regulations.

We know that the rules we need to adhere to in all our approaches and projects are not limited to these, and that it is impossible to make a complete written list of all ethical rules. When we face a situation that is not written here, we act in the light of our basic principles, and we consult with our superiors when we are not sure.

We know that we should comply with the ethical principles in their entirety in order to maintain and perpetuate the success and reputation of our Bank. Unethical behavior of just one of us may imperil our reliability and work before our stakeholders. Hence, we certainly inform our superiors and/or Ethics Phone Line when we come across or suspect a behavior or transaction contradicting with our principles. This is as important as conforming to ethical principles itself. Furthermore, we are confident that our disclosures through this line will be kept secret without leading to any sanctions on our part.

Ethical Principles